Fighting Foreclosure

My name is Joleen, from Tennessee USA and I am suffering with PTSD and health issues accelerated/developed from it.

In 2018 I battled a beyond believably stressful nightmare that caused my (then undiagnosed) narcolepsy, compounded by heart damage from the event, to become unmanageable. This has reeked so much havoc on my life that in July I was reported to children services after someone had assumed I was a drug abuser that picked my daughter up “so stoned I could barely walk”. (As anyone who knows me can guess the case was not open very long).

I struggle daily and it is impossible for me to plan a day or hold a regimen required to keep a job. I have been out of work since August 2019, and have applied for disability, but there is no clue of how long I will be fighting before this will go through.

Foreclosure of my home has now begun and In order to delay Fighting Foreclosure this I must come up with two months mortgage payments by the end of February. After February then only the entire past due amount will be accepted to stop foreclosure.

I am devastated and not sure what to do. I am in Fighting Foreclosure need of a miracle!!

I have stopped myself so many times in the past few months from starting a GoFundMe campaign (stubborn pride) but I now must appeal to you for your donations and help to reach my goal of $6,000. These funds will go towards the cost needed to stop foreclosure and assist with needs while I go through the disability rig amorous.

Thank you very much! Please don’t forget to share this link on your Facebook timeline.

With sincere appreciation,
Joleen B

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